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Julian Trevelyan

Bohun Gallery represents the estate of Julian Trevelyan.

The working life of Julian Trevelyan (1910-88) spanned more than 65 years. He was a distinguished artist and printmaker producing work with a broad appeal. Julian Trevelyan had no formal art training but joined Stanley Hayter's atelier in Paris in 1931 where he worked alongside artists such as Ernst, Kokoschka, Masson, Miro and Picasso. It was in this atmosphere that he turned to Surrealism and became a founding member of the British Surrealist Group. A selection of his paintings and etchings featured in the ground-breaking 'International Surrealist Exhibition' at the New Burlington Galleries, London in 1936.

In 1937, Julian Trevelyan became involved in Tom Harrisson's Mass Observation social anthropology surveys, recording in detail the daily lives of ordinary people. This experience had a profound effect on his work.

In 1951, Julian Trevelyan married Mary Fedden, a fellow painter, from whom he became inseparable. Both artists painted a series of murals for the Festival of Britian (1950 - 51) and also travelled widely in Europe, Africa and the USA. They lived together at Durham Wharf on the banks of the River Thames - a location which became central to both of their work.

Trevelyan taught at both the Royal College of Art and the Royal College of art. Not only was he a highly influential teacher (his students included David Hockney, Ron Kitaj and Norman Ackroyd), but he was an important innovator of modern print techniques and today is increasingly regarded as the quiet driving force behind the etching revolution of the 1960s.

Julian Trevelyan was brilliantly inventive and possessed a wit and innocence of eye that could discover enchantment in the most mundane scenes.

Julian Trevelyan exhibited regularly at Bohun gallery and the gallery continues to handle his Estate. The monograph 'Picture Language' written by Julian's son, Philip Trevelyan, was launched to co-incide with a retrospective of the artist's paintings and etchings held at the gallery in 2013.

In 1998, ten years after Julian Trevelyan died, Bohun Gallery was the catalyst behind a series of major exhibitions and publications celebrating the artist's achievements. This culminated with a nationwide touring exhibition of his paintings which opened at the Royal College of Arts in Oct 1998 and showed concurrently with an exhibition of Julian's etchings at the River and Rowing Museum, Henley on Thames. These major shows were the launch for 'Julian Trevelyan: Catalogue Raisonne of Prints' by Sylvie Turner and published by Lund Humphries.

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A Mistral, 1973

Oil on canvas
28 x 38 ins

Aigues Mortes, 1975

Etching & aquatint (Signed) Ed. 51
13¾ x 18¾ ins

Bolton High Level (Bolton Suite), 1964

Etching & aquatint (Signed) Ed. 30
47.5 x 35.2 cms

Brentford (Canal Series), 1975

Lithograph (Signed) Ed. 100
20.08 x 15.04 ins

Buffaloes 37/75, 1968

Etching & aquatint (Signed)
13.78 x 18.58 ins

Building the Thames Barrage, 1980

Etching & aquatint (Signed) Ed. 50
18.78 x 13.74 ins

Bulldozer (America series), 1982

Etching & aquatint (Signed) Ed. 50
35 x 47.9 cms

Canal Holidays 11/100, 1975

15.16 x 20.16 ins

Corpus College (Cambridge Suite), 1959

Lithograph (Signed) Ed. 70
15 x 20.5 cms

Delft, 1979

Etching & aquatint (Studio St) Ed.50
6 x 18¾ ins

Dream Landscape, 1932 (editioned 1998)

Etching & aquatint (Studio Stamp)
37.8 x 5.47 ins

Entre deux Mers, 1979

Etching & aquatint (Studio St) Ed.50
13.74 x 18.7 ins

Florence Panorama (Florence Suite), 1965

Etching & aquatint (Signed) Ed. 100
13.86 x 18.78 ins

Heathrow, 1973

Etching & aquatint (Signed) Ed. 52
13.78 x 18.9 ins

Heathrow, 1974

Etching plate
7 x 10 ins

Helicopter, 1936 (editioned 1991), 1936

Etching & aquatint (Studio St) Ed.30
4¼ x 6 ins

Horse & Rider, 1953

Etching plate
15 x 19¾ ins

La Turbie, 1974

Etching plate
19 x 14 ins

Pebble Mill 17/25, 1983

Etching (Studio Stamp)
5.83 x 9.84 ins

Piccadilly Circus (London Suite), 1963

Etching & aquatint (Signed) Ed. 75
22 x 17.5 ins

Portsmouth Point (Late Dream City Series), 1983

Etching & aquatint (Studio Stamp)
7.56 x 13.66 ins

Puri (India Suite), 1968

Etching & aquatint (Signed) Ed. 75
13.75 x 18.75 ins

Ram, 1978

Etching & aquatint (Studio St) Ed.50
14½ x 18½ ins

Santa Maria Novella (Florence Suite), 1965

Etching & aquatint (Signed) Ed. 100
13.86 x 18.78 ins

Simone Petra, 1981

Etching & aquatint (Signed) Ed. 50
18.86 x 13.78 ins

Souk, 1972

Etching & aquatint (Signed) Ed. 65
18.9 x 13.78 ins

St James' Park (London Parks Suite), 1969

Etching & aquatint (Signed) Ed. 75
13.78 x 18.9 ins

Statue of Liberty (America Series), 1982

Etching & aquatint (Signed) Ed. 50
35 x 47.9 cms

Steamer, 1974

Etching plate
9.45 x 13.86 ins

The Well of Loneliness 10/25, 1983

6.81 x 9.8 ins

The Wharf, 1977

Oil on canvas
16 x 20 ins

Washington (America Series), 1982

Etching & aquatint (Studio St) Ed.50
35 x 47.9 cms

Westminster Abbey (London Suite), 1964

Etching & aquatint (Signed) Ed. 75
13¾ x 19 ins

Windsor (Thames Suite), 1969

Etching & aquatint (Signed) Ed. 75
35 x 47.8 cms

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