Eleanor Fein

Born in 1940, Eleanor Fein studied drawing at the Architectural Institute in Madrid in the 1960s. For many years she was a children's book illustrator and during this time she received the Nuffield Award for illustrating science textbooks. Eleanor Fein wrote and illustrated a story book for young children called Oscar and his Mouse in the 1980's which was published by Methuen.

Eleanor Fein's enigmatic paintings locate familiar plants, flowers, animals and birds within mysterious and unknown landscapes giving them a magical and dream-like quality. These beautifully observed characters from the natural world play with light, scale, reflection and the blurring of boundaries between fantasy and reality to create a visual experience which is at once uplifting and intriguing.

Magic Realism developed as an art movement in the years after World War I. For many decades thereafter numerous artists throughout Europe and subsequently in the Americas crafted a representational art, mixed with elements of fantasy. This powerfully engaging art was often typified by remarkable detail and sharp focus. The form that it takes taps into the viewers emotional reservoirs by hiding unexpected or suggestive content in what at first might seem to be a common or ordinary scene.

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Approaching Storm

Oil on canvas
10.5 x 14 ins

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